Mobile scaffolding can be useful for a huge range of products. It's easy to buy or hire this type of scaffolding and move it to your location. Then, once it's on site, you can move it as needed. For instance, if you are painting a building, mobile scaffolding is great because you can move it along as you work on different sections of the building. However, you need to be careful—here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind. 

1. Get Safety Signs

There's a fair bit of communication that needs to happen around mobile scaffolding. So that's possible, you may want to invest in some safety signs. For example, you may want a sign that says "scaffolding is not built yet" or "don't climb scaffolding until it is complete". You can post this whilst you are putting together the scaffolding.

Then, you may want other signs to remind your workers or bystanders about other safety elements. For example, reach out to pedestrians with a sign that says "workers overhead" or "don't walk under the scaffolding". On top of that, you may want signs that echo the safety tips below.

2. Add Guard Rails

When putting together your mobile scaffolding, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Even skipping a single step could result in scaffolding that falls apart. On top of that, always remember to put in the guard rails. It can be tempting to skip this step if you're in a hurry, but those rails can be an essential way to prevent people from falling.

3. Lock the Wheels

Generally, mobile scaffolding has wheels. Once you've built the scaffolding, the wheels let you easily move the scaffolding into the next spot. When you position the scaffolding, make sure to lock the wheels.

4. Clear the Deck Before Moving

When you are done working in one spot and you are ready to move the scaffolding to the next spot, you should clear the deck. It can be time consuming to take buckets of paint and tools off the deck, but the alternative is that they might fall off, hurt someone or get paint everywhere.

5. Create a Safety Checklist

To be on the safe side, you may want to have a checklist that you work through before anyone gets on the scaffolding. If the list has simple items such as "lock the wheels" and "make sure the guardrails are in place", you won't be as likely to forget those steps.