Have you considered harnessing the power of vibration technology for your business? Electric vibrating motors are an important part of many items that everyone takes for granted every day. You can find these motors in scanners, hand tools, mobile phones, GPS trackers, and even medical equipment. There are two main types of electric vibration motor the linear resonant actuator (LRA) and the eccentric rotating mass vibration motor (ERM), the choice of which motor is used for which product will depend on the way the product is to be used.

These vibrating motors have existed since the mid 20th century but it is only since the 1990s that their use has become widespread in the retail market when they were adopted into mobile phone technology to act as an alternative to an audible ring. The motors have been used in industrial contexts for many years, with a particular focus on the manufacturing sector, where they have assisted with transporting components around factories on conveyors and hoppers, and delivering small components directly to the manufacturing equipment without human intervention.

The silent alarm

Mobile phones are only one of many portable devices that employ electric vibrating motors to generate alerts. In addition to mobile devices these motors are also found on cars and other vehicles as they are now embracing vibration and using it as a great way to convey a message to the driver that doesn't involve the usual tones or beeps, which can often be overlooked by drivers. A silent vibration alarm will frequently cut through the noise and other distractions faced by drivers and deliver the required message more effectively than an audible warning.

How will you use vibration?

With so many uses already being found for electric vibrating motors, and with more products employing the technology every day, why not think about how you could use this technology to add features to your products and to take your business development to the next level? You could go small and add vibrating alarms to your range of handheld portable devices, or you might want to include vibration alerts in tools or even vehicles. There is almost no end to the number of ways you can use electric vibrating motors to enhance your product offerings. Talk to your technical team today to identify ways you can use electric vibrating motors to add new and exciting features that your customers will love, and that will make your products stand out from the crowd.