People who are planning to rent equipment need to gather the right information to make an informed decision. Below are some of the questions that will enable you to gather the information you need before you select an equipment hire company. 

1.  When Was The Equipment Last Inspected?

It is essential for you to rent equipment that is in proper working condition. The only way to be sure about this is to ask the rental company to tell you when the equipment was last inspected. Ask them to show you the inspection records so that you can ascertain its present condition. Such documents can also form the basis of your own inspection before the equipment is handed over to you.

2.    How Is The Equipment Used?

You should never assume that you know how to operate a given piece of equipment until you have been taken through all the necessary procedures that must be followed when using it. This step is necessary because different manufacturers of similar equipment may equip them with different controls or functions that can confuse you. Select an equipment hire company that is willing to give you verbal and written user instructions so that you leave when you are certain that you will be able to operate the equipment properly.

3.    Is Personal Protective Equipment Needed?

It is also advisable to find out the recommended personal protective equipment for the users of that equipment. Some companies provide the PPE to those who hire machines from them while for others, you have to pay for them separately. It is better for you to rent your equipment from a rental company that gives you the needed PPE along with the machine.

4.    What Is The Price?

Look at two factors when you are comparing the price of equipment at various equipment hire companies. First, find out whether the quote excludes or includes VAT. In this way, you will avoid picking a company whose quote seemed competitive and yet VAT was not included. Secondly, consider whether the price includes the cost of delivering and picking up the equipment to and from your address. You may have to arrange for your own pickup and delivery in case that will be more affordable when compared to what the rental company is charging you.

The questions above will help you to be systematic when you are evaluating different equipment rental companies in your area. Get expert help in case you lack sufficient experience in using the equipment that you require.