If you are putting in a car lift, you can go for a simple design that increases the number of cars you can put in your garage, or you can opt for a more interesting custom design. A car lift designer can help you come up with the right option for your home. In the meantime, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Glass Exterior

Many car lifts go from the interior of your garage to a subterranean garage, but you can also use car lifts to move cars to upper level garages. For large apartments, you may also want to consider lifts that go directly to the flat and back down to a storage garage. In these cases, consider going with a glass exterior. Then, anyone passing by can see how neat your car lift looks.

2. Cool Interior

Even if you don't encase the car lift in glass, you may want to opt for a lift that has a cool interior design. Consider going for a funky metallic design. Alternatively, have murals painted on the walls or pipe in music for extra ambiance.

3. Oversized Platform

Many car lifts just hold a single car, but that isn't the only option. You can also get a car lift that holds multiple vehicles. If you really want to be able to move motorcycles, vehicles and toys from one level to another easily, you need an oversized hydraulic platform as part of your car lift.

4. Hidden in Nature

Consider hiding the opening to your hydraulic lift in nature. You could have a fake boulder on a hinge blocking the doorway to your lift. Alternatively, you could have a waterfall that you turn on and off with a remote, and the entrance to the lift can be behind that.

5. Art Installation

Most car lifts just take the car to a garage, but you can also have a lift that can take some of your cars into your home. Then, your car can act as a work of art, an installation piece behind glass. If you have a huge car collection that you want to show off, this is a great option to consider.

6. Connected to Other Areas

If your lift leads to a subterranean garage, consider connecting that garage to other areas. For instance, connect the underground garage to a guest house or to a "man cave". Having a "secret" entrance to these areas that is separate from the rest of the home can be nice and architecturally interesting.