One of the more popular crafting project supplies is wooden pallets. There is a misconception that all pallets are created equal. There is also a misconception that, once cleaned, wood pallets are safe to use for any DIY wood based project. The truth is, there are wood pallets that are marked with an ISPM15 that may be ideal for your wood pallet needs. Here are a few reasons why you should look for the ISPM15 stamp and how it benefits your DIY projects:

Pest Control

One of the reasons that ISPM15 codes are used on wood pallets and wood casings is for pest control. Untreated wood has a high risk of pests and pest related issues. These pests can live in the wood, but they can also transfer to your home or yard. This can lead to an infestation of pests. Keep in mind, not all pests that live within the wood are seen by the naked eye. You may have some much smaller pests that can cause huge problems. The ISPM15 rating means that the wood has been treated for the pests and the treatment will protect from any further issues with pests.

Pre-Treated Wood

One issue for some DIY project enthusiasts is pre-treating the wood. There may be some questions about how to do it, if it is necessary, and how to ensure that the treatment will help keep the wood safe from multiple issues. If you find and use ISPM15 certified wood, it has already been treated. This treatment will allow you to save time during your projects by skipping the treated wood process that can take several hours or longer to complete. This allows you to get started on your project faster and have it completed faster as well.

Inspected Wood

In order for the wood to be stamped with the ISPM15 mark, it must meet inspection guidelines. That means that if you purchase wood pallets with the ISPM15 mark, you know you are getting higher quality pallets that ones without the mark. The inspections that are required may differ from area to area, but the mark shows that it has been inspected for basic issues including pest issues or mould and mildew.

These are just a few of the benefits you're looking for, and using wood with the ISPM15 label can bring to your projects. Remember, the stamp may be located on the bottom of the pallets or on the side. Make sure to check the entire pallet. If you would like to ensure you are getting ISPM15 labeled pallets, consider requesting them from your wood pallet source.