With the construction industry expected to grow over the next 5 years, there is a reason to smile for business people in the metal fabrication industry. The demand for fabricated metal pieces is also expected to grow in tandem with the construction sector. However, if you want to open a metal fabrication workshop but know little about welding, then the best course of action would be to seek advice from experienced players. This article fills the same gap by highlighting factors you need to consider when buying a welding machine for your new workshop. Most importantly, the right equipment produces quality work.

Duty Cycle -- It refers to the amount of time a welding machine runs in a span of 10 minutes. A tool that runs for the entire 10 minutes before shutting off temporarily has a duty cycle of 100%. On the other hand, a device that stays on for 8 minutes has an 80% duty cycle. Understanding the ratings will help you to choose the right equipment. For instance, if a client sets a tight deadline for a project, then a welding machine with a 100% duty time is best.

Power Source -- Welding machines come in different shapes and sizes, as well as sources of power. Notably, it is vital to consider the aspect of power source before purchasing a welding machine. The reason it is essential is that the source of power will determine a welding machine's portability. For example, if you go for a device that runs on electricity, then you would need a power outlet in the workshop that might compromise on safety inside the workshop due to the constant movement of workers and inputs. Therefore, before choosing a welding machine, make sure that you understand how its power source will affect portability.

User Interface and Ease of Use -- The latest welding machines have an intuitive user interface where metal fabricators punch in the desired welding settings. For instance, the user interface allows a metal fabricator to choose the thickness and type of metal being used. Since different brands have different user interfaces, it is essential to pick a welding machine that operators in your new workshop will find friendly. You do not want a situation where you pass a deadline just because the metal fabrication staffs were trying to figure out the user interface. If possible, take a welder along when making a purchase and let them choose the user interface they are comfortable with.

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