Hygiene is of utmost importance in the food industry, and it is particularly so for establishments such as bakeries where the kitchen is always busy. Part of maintaining top hygienic conditions in such establishments entails keeping the floor as clean as possible at all times. For this task, you need an industrial broom. However, with so many brands available, how do you know you are choosing the right yard broom? This article highlights the qualities you should look for in an industrial yard broom.  

Water-Fed Yard Broom

Water is critical to keeping cemented industrial yard floors clean and hygienic. However, since water is becoming a scarce and expensive resource, cleaning an entire yard floor can rack up your water bill quite fast. While cleaners can use a hosepipe to clean away the detergent, they might have to make several trips to turn the tap on and off. Alternatively, you need one person to stand by the tap so that the cleaner does not waste time making the unnecessary trips. Both options have one thing in common; they are inefficient. A water-fed yard broom eliminates this wastage by attaching the hosepipe directly on the broom's handle. Since the brooms are equipped with a switch button, the cleaner can turn the water on or off whenever they want to, thereby giving them control of how much water they can use. 

High-Low Brushes

If cleaners are going to scrub the yard surface thoroughly, then they need a tool that is fit for the job. Most yard brooms seem to be the real deal until you get to the joint where the wall meets the floor. This area is difficult to clean, and if you consider the fact that debris tends to accumulate in corners, the task is made much more challenging. Although you can push your broom as close as possible to cover this area, it can be tiring. High-low brushes have angled bristles that curve across the broom head. By pushing the broom into this space, the bristles will adequately cover the joint and allow easy cleaning or scrubbing of the wall-floor joint.

Bristle Patterns 

The installation style of bristles on the broom determines, to a great extent, the ease of cleaning. If you have a broom that is difficult to clean, cleaners will likely get tired of cleaning it after every session. That is why you need a yard broom whose bristles are designed to allow for fast and efficient cleaning of the bristles. Moreover, a unique bristle pattern makes inspection easier, thereby ensuring you replace worn-out bristles in time.