If you are planning on installing new industrial fans in your building, you should understand the units on the market before purchase. Most products on the market are durable and effective. However, their performance will depend on their suitability for the specific space. If you choose an industrial fan that does not match your ventilation requirements, you will not get the desired results. Here are some core guidelines for purchasing the right ventilation unit.

Compare the Designs

The most critical factor for industrial fan selection is the type or core design. This aspect determines the mode of function of the ventilation equipment. You must choose a model with a functional style matching your requirements. The most popular types are axial and centrifugal fans. However, you will also find alternatives like mixed flow and crossflow. If you are unfamiliar with the characteristics of each, conduct a little research or consult your supplier.

The general advantage of an axial fan is its lower power demand. However, the functional capacity is also lower, so you should choose it if you are interested in air circulation and ventilation. If your concern is noxious fumes from industrial operations, a centrifugal fan is more suitable. The design allows for the management of the gases. Mixed flow fans combine the core functionality of axial and centrifugal units while crossflow fans are designed for consistent airflow.

Evaluate the Capacity

You should discuss the capacity of the different industrial fans available after identifying the right type. The capacity refers to the volume of air the fan can move per minute. A higher rating will allow for the movement of higher gas volumes. When shopping for your ventilation equipment, compare the options presented. Keep in mind that higher capacity fans are more favourable for better ventilation, but they will be costlier. You do not have to acquire the largest and most expensive fan available. Instead, consider your needs and your budget and find a middle ground for good performance and great value.

Check the Performance

Finally, you must consider the performance features incorporated into the ventilation equipment. These elements will determine the convenience, effectiveness and efficiency of the industrial fans. For example, you should check if the pitch of the fans is adjustable. This feature can promote flexibility in air circulation management. Also, consider the level of sounds produced during operation. If your workplace will be noisy due to other equipment, this consideration might not seem important. However, lower noise levels are always more favourable.