People rent scissor lifts for use in their warehouses for many reasons. You might not need to permanently purchase one since you might only need to use it for temporary purposes. If you are installing new lighting or repairing the ceiling inside your warehouse, for example, you might be planning on using a scissor lift for the job. As long as you're careful to look for the following things when you're making arrangements for your scissor lift rental, then you should find a rental lift that will be perfect for getting things done in your warehouse.

Electric Power

Some scissor lifts are powered by fuel. If you were going to be using your scissor lift outdoors, then this might be a decent option. Inside of a closed warehouse, however, it will dangerous for you to use a scissor lift that is powered by fuel. Instead, it is imperative to choose a scissor lift that is powered by electricity if you're going to be using it indoors. Luckily, an electric scissor lift can also be used outdoors, so if you need to take on an outdoor project in addition to using your scissor lift inside your warehouse, it should still work sufficiently for the job.

Non-Marking Tyres

You could be worried about using a scissor lift inside your warehouse since you could be worried that its tyres will leave permanent marks on your warehouse floor. This could happen if you aren't careful about choosing a scissor lift that has non-marking tyres, so this is one of the specific things you'll want to ask for when seeking a rental. Additionally, tyres that are meant for indoor use will probably work more smoothly and easily on interior floors as well.

Adequate Platform Size and Height

If you're going to be working with things like large light fixtures — which is typically what is installed in warehouses and other large indoor settings — then you have to make sure that you have enough room on the scissor lift platform to accommodate these large items. However, at the same time, you will need to think about the amount of space that you are going to be working in since you'll need to be sure that you have enough room to accommodate the scissor lift itself when working in a smaller space.

Ample Weight Limit

Multiple warehouse employees might need to work on the scissor lift while doing things like repairing the ceiling or installing lighting. Additionally, they might need to bring heavy lights or ceiling materials with them. Determine how much of a weight limit you need the scissor lift to have, and make sure that you rent one that can accommodate all of the necessary weight.

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