When you're shopping for fasteners with your favourite nuts and bolts supplier, you will typically have a huge variety of different nuts and bolts — as well as other fasteners — to choose from. After all, companies that provide fasteners for their customers typically want to offer a nice variety so that every customer can purchase the fasteners that they need for the work that they are doing. 

Your Nuts and Bolts Will Be Exposed to Moisture

If you know or think that your nuts and bolts might be exposed to wet conditions either during installation or after the fact — such as if you are working on an outdoor project or if you're going to be using the nuts and bolts in an environment where there is a lot of moisture — then you should definitely plan accordingly when you're purchasing your fasteners. Some fasteners are made from metals that can easily rust and corrode if they are exposed to moisture, particularly on a frequent basis. However, stainless steel is commonly used for all sorts of outdoor applications and other applications in which moisture is going to be present specifically because it does not rust. This means that when you're shopping for moisture-friendly nuts and bolts, you should definitely ask specifically for those that have been made from stainless steel or that are properly coated to protect them from moisture.

You're Using Your Nuts and Bolts for Heavy-Duty Purposes

Nuts and bolts can be used for light-duty applications. However, they can also be used for heavy-duty use. In fact, nuts and bolts are often chosen instead of other fasteners for these types of applications specifically because of how strong they are. Even though nuts and bolts that are made from pretty much any material can be very strong and durable — particularly if you shop specifically for heavy-duty or industrial-grade fasteners — some are more durable and strong than others. You'll probably find that stainless steel nuts and bolts are some of the strongest that you can purchase and that they will be long-lasting, too.

You're Looking for Relatively Affordable Nuts and Bolts

Fasteners vary in size based off of the type, the material that they are made from, their size, and more. Stainless steel fasteners are not always the cheapest, so if you're on a tight budget, you might need to look for another type. However, when compared to some other fasteners, stainless steel fasteners are often fairly affordable. Plus, when you buy them in bulk or if you buy them from a supplier that specialises in selling fasteners, you may find that pricing is that much more affordable.

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